Marimba Solo: Jazz Repertorie

I Will See You Again - Original
Noelia - Original
Caribbean Sketches - Original
Petronila - Original
Afro Blues by Mongo Santamaria
Waltz For Debbie by Bill Evans
Peace Piece by Bill Evans
Night in Tunnisa by Dizzy Gillespie
Guajira For My Father - Original
Spain by Chick Correa
El Cumbanchero by Rafael Hernandez
Summertime by George Gershwin
Some Day My Prince Will Come by Morey & Churchill

Marimba Solo: Classical Repertorie

Marimba d' Amore by Keiko Abe
Michi by Keiko Abe
Caméleon by Eric Sammut
Rotation II by Eric Sammut
Suite no. 1 BWV 1007 by J. S. Bach
Land by T. Muramatsu
Remembrance - original composition
Song for My Mother - original composition
Estampas Borincanas - original composition
Nocturne no. 2 by Kit Mills
Improntu by L. Miranda
Refleccion by Victor Cintron
Samba Para Escuchar Tu Silencio by Guillo Espel
Suite Del Caribe by Armando Ramirez
Refelciones Fugitivas By Lucio Cuellar
Valencia by Ney Rosauro
Souvenir de Porto Rico by Louis M. Gottschalk 
Songs of My Youth by Jay C. Batzner 

Juan Alamo

 Marimba Concertos 

Marimba Spiritual  by Minoru Miki
Concerto For Marimba and Orchestra by Ney Rosauro
Prism Rhapsody for Marimba and Orchestra by Keiko Abe
Memories of an Unforgettable Love by Juan Alamo

   Marimba Duo (with Orlando Cotto)

Alaborada del Gracioso
Prelude no.2 by George Gershwing
La Comparsa by Ernesto Lecuona
Tango Suite for Two Guitar by Astor Piazolla
Si Te Toco! by Juan Morel Campos
No Me Toques by Juan Morel Campos
Ensayo Rustico by Amaury Veray
La Depre by S. Cosentino
Danzon For My Father by Oscar Hernandez
Photos by Melinda Leal Photography